I believe in intuition and inspiration.  Imagination is more important than knowledge. ~Albert Einstein

Engineering Elegance

The ancient instrument known as the lyra was a thing of beauty. In the hands of a master musician, its sound was mesmerizing. But its beauty extended beyond the sounds it made to the very fundamental elements of its design. The elegance of its robust simplicity is unparalleled even today.

Thus, the lyra can be seen as a metaphor for a particular design philosophy - the reduction of a system to its most basic components. Too often, engineers are tasked with designing systems that fulfill dozens or hundreds of specifications. The result is often an overly complex design that is no longer intuitive to the user. We at Lyratron feel strongly that technology needs to be accessible and frustration-free! So we've set out to develop the most intuitive line of products since ancient times.

Not surprisingly, some of our first products are musical instruments that bear striking functional similarity to the ancient lyra, but we hope to apply this design philosophy to a diverse set of engineering challenges. If you have a need for elegantly simple technology that's easy and intuitive to use, we can help!

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